2019 Pitch Competition

Berry Student Pitch Competition

1)      We will have an online application process with a January 31st deadline for submissions.  Check back here on January 1 for more details!

 2)     Pitch Applicants will be fully informed about their applications. You will be notified as to if your pitch is accepted, what to do when it is accepted, and assigned time slots for Round One.

 3)      In January and February, we will hold Workshops explaining the mechanics behind a Pitch and Pitching Practice.  We will share etails such as the assessment rubric, how long you have to deliver and how you can’t have handouts, etc. The second set of Pitch Practice sessions will include timers and a few audience members so that the Pitchers can experience feedback before the competition.

 4)      The first round will be held on Monday, February 4. There could be several groups of 8-10 pitches for the first round. The top 5 pitches will progress to the second round.

 5)      The second round will be held before the meeting on Friday, February 8 from 6:30-8pm.     

 6)      Teams will have 3 min to make a pitch in the first found followed by 5 min of questions. In the second round they will have 4 min followed by 6 min of questions.

 7)      The awards total $27k with some stipulations. Funding will be awarded same night as pitch competition.

  • $10k Ford Foundation Award – best business idea with some social impact
  • $7.5k Chairman’s Challenge Award
  • $5k Bettyann O’Neill Innovation Award
  • $2.5k seed funding – 4th
  • $1k seed funding – 5th
  • $1k audience award - given in addition to judges award

 8)   The final round will be streamed online and alumni, parents and friends of Berry can watch. There will be an online portal (accessed through computer or mobile device) where the audience can vote for their favorite pitch.


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